Portable Cord

Portable cord has proven to be an extremely practical and helpful wire product. A portable cord is a cable with multiple conductors used for functions requiring both flexibility and power. Portable cord may also be called portable cordage or flexible cord across the wire and cable industry.

Portable cord can be employed for power in a range of applications, such as operating motors in small and large tools, equipment, power extensions, appliances and machinery. The cord can be used with AC and DC power systems, mobile power equipment, cranes and heavy equipment, in-plant power distribution, OEM equipment, and business machines, among other uses.

Portable cords may be used in commercial, industrial and residential applications. They work well on jobsites where resistance to oil, chemicals and abrasion is important. Portable cord also performs well in extreme environments including the heat and cold, outside or inside. Some portable cords are water-resistant or even water submersible. Because of their excellent physical and chemical properties, portable cords are commonly used in a wide range of facilities, such as construction sites, mills, mines, sports complexes, or even marinas.

Although the construction of a portable cord varies depending on the specific type, a standard cord has at least two stranded copper conductors. The copper stranding, insulation and jacket directly influence the physical properties of the cord. The jacket helps distinguish one type of cord from another.

Portable cords are usually made of thermoset, thermoplastic elastomer, or thermoplastic. Thermoset cords have heavy-duty-grade rubber jackets and are extremely sturdy. Thermoplastic elastomer cords have medium-duty-grade thermoplastic elastomer jackets and perform well in cold conditions. A common UL designation for a thermoplastic elastomer portable cord is SEOW-A. Thermoplastic cords have a light-duty plastic compound jacket and thus work for light-duty use.

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